Monday, February 01, 2010

Going Up Just One Hill

Eric who was one of the doctors in the group Pat went to Haiti with pointed out the following blog that describes the work still being done and where they stayed.

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Going Up Just One Hill:
"The mobile clinic portion of our medical team includes a doctor, two nurses, and a volunteer “pharmacist.” For three days they worked their way up one of the hills, and set up in a different place each day....The wreckage from the earthquake up in this area can only be described as complete. There is nothing standing. We set up the clinic in the small, side yard of a partially standing house, with the pharmacy atop a wall littered with broken glass"
"SUNDAY, JANUARY 31 began early with the realization that the pump wasn’t working, and we had to use buckets of water for flushing. Thirty five people need a lot of water. However, from there all the news goes up! At 9:00 AM, the representative of the International Lions Club arrived to bring us the good news that they had chosen Matthew 25 to be an official Lions Club Tent City...the camp will receive sturdy tents, and a hot kitchen will be set up along with latrines, and a School In A Box, so that the several hundred children in camp can begin to regain some stability and routine in their lives. We will also be the site of a dental clinic, as well as an eye care clinic....

As if that wasn’t enough, we learned that Rays of Hope for Haiti, a small, Grand Rapids, Michigan-based organization that ships all manner of things down here had sent $8,000 worth of food destined for Matthew 25 through the Dominican Republic."
Thanks to Eric for the link. I will definitely begin following this one!
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