Sunday, February 28, 2010


While the University would not allow BonaResponds to go to Haiti 6 members of BonaResponds decided to go on their own. Canceled flights and other travel problems ended the trip for three of them, but Rob, Phil, and TJ made it.

They will be giving updates on the JustRespond blog, but here is a quick glimpse

"...we walked outside, we were in a gated area where many Haitians men were trying to get money from ppl and offer rides, found a guy with paper that had our names on it, singled to him we were the ppl, and he got our bags, we then made our way through crazy crowd and were followed by about a dozen guys talking to us about how they can drive us or carry bags. They were repeatedly saying 'good service', eventually got in the back of a blazer and tried to pull out, but guys surrounded the truck, everyone screaming at each other: 'good service' and 'we share'. They all wanted money, our guy drove away as fast as possible but only could go about 10mph and got rid of about half, got up to about 30mph where two guys jumped onto the truck hanging onto the front windows!"

You can also follow them on twitter through justrespond, RobRyer, and PhillyPB.

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