Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Medshare's Blog

Medshare's Blog: An example of what can happen when more people need food than have food:

"There were 1,500 food coupons distributed the night before, but much more lined up in an aggressive mob the next morning. Led by my group, I pushed my way through the crowd inside the gate where the distribution was to take place. This is the first time I’ve been scared since my arrival in Haiti.

The UN arrived shortly with an army trucks carrying soldiers and all the food that was to be distributed. Each person with a coupon got one bucket of rice and one bucket of beans. I watched tearfully as UN officers had to use their guns and sticks to control the crowd. It reminded me of cow herders herding cattle. It broke my heart to see people brought to this level of desperation that they behave and are treated like animals. This is not okay.
And a reason we are trying to raise money to feed over 200,000. See FoodforHaitinow.org

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