Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Two articles stand testament to how much Haiti needs our assistance

JACMEL, HAITI - JANUARY 28:  In this handout i...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I am not sure how a in a civilized world where we know this is happening, we can allow this. Yes there are amazing barriers and the costs will be great, but as we watch some of , but people are amazing. Let's end this now. People can not be dying of hunger. Three weeks after the quake patients of nursing homes can not be lying outside.

Two stories to document this:

The first article is from the NY Times:
Chaos Eases in Effort to Help Feed the Hungry in Haiti -

"For three weeks since the international effort to feed millions of Haitians has been dogged by confusion, transportation snags, security problems and a lack of coordination. Before the coupon program started on Saturday, food giveaways had become a Darwinian sport — with biscuits and bottles of canola oil or biscuits thrown like footballs from the backs of trucks to masses of men jockeying for position.

Many are still hungry. As of Sunday, 639,200 people had received a meal from the United Nations’ World Food Program, 32 percent of the two million estimated to be in need."

And second story is not really a story. It is a series of amazing picture from All of the pictures were taken this week (Q+3 weeks). They are so well done you will want to look again, but so sad you can't stand to even see them the first time. While the pictures will make you sad, they also play the role of reminding us all why Haiti needs our help.

Pictures from HT @wyclef and @EmDeragon13 respectively
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