Sunday, February 28, 2010

Video from a camp near the airport in Haiti

Individual stories like this do not show the big picture, and surely some progress is being made and it will take years.....blah blah blah....and maybe this is one of the only places this bad off, and maybe the interviewed people have an incentive to not tell the full truth, but if even if we say they have been given food, look at what they are living in.

How can we not get them tents or even more permanent, albeit communal, living quarters? Yes big tents cost much money. But over a month in and the same bottle necks exist is inexcusable. Open a more landing strips, stream line customs, do whatever it takes to end the current conditions.

Give a tent to or drop it off with us and we will ship it for you (see

Tents are not the answer, but right now they are a step in the right direction.

11:15 UPDATE:

From Twitter:

laperki: Been seeing less sheets and more tarps, this is encouraging. Shelter is still the huge need though.10:01pm, Feb 28 from TweetDeck
USAforHaiti: @laperki As someone who goes camping, as far as i know a tarp is merely a thin sheet of plastic. Need tents #Haiti10:09pm, Feb 28 from Web
SuziLeVeaux: @USAforHaiti I have a committment from @howardjkoepka to be at tent city by airport tomorrow. Thank you Lord!10:29pm, Feb 28 from Web
USAforHaiti: @SuziLeVeaux Glad they got help, but uneasy there may be more like them in #Haiti and need to know what were up against10:34pm, Feb 28 from Web
SuziLeVeaux: @USAforHaiti No idea how they got overlooked. Was to intent on finding help for them. If you hear of others, please let us know.11:10pm, Feb 28 from Web

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