Monday, March 15, 2010

BonaResponds Newsletter

The most recent BonaResponds Newsletter went out this AM.

Its main two topics are Haiti and our International Service Day that is rapidy coming up! March 27th.
A fast look in::

"You will find the International Service Day to be REALLY cool. The basic idea is to help people. The jobs can be as large as 150 people getting together to clean parks, tear down old houses, or build a school. On the other hand your event can be as small (in size, not importance) as helping an elderly or handicapped neighbor to the store.

All we want people to do is to help each other.

The day is based on the simple belief that every person can make a positive difference in the world. Moreover when we take a second to see how much gets done we will find that little things really do add up.

We currently have about 50 sites (that we know of, and I hope many more that have just not signed up). It is our first year doing this and expect it to grow. And we are very very used to late sign-ups so it is not too late! Get involved.

The whole newsletter is available online here.

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