Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Haiti service trip changes perception - Features

Haiti service trip changes perception - Features:
"'Few had homes,' Penepent said. 'We built a home while we were down there. There is so much rubble and stuff you have to clear that stuff before you can even start building. That's the biggest problem. So they are basically just sleeping in tents.'

In addition to their rebuilding work, the group spent a lot of time with the Haitian children, organizing games and activities.

'We were influential in setting up a Saturday fun day,' Penepent said. 'We suggested that they have activities with the kids like one day a week. They had a big soccer game.'"

and later:

"Even though the group went on their own, not in affiliation with St. Bonaventure or BonaResponds, the Bonaventure school spirit was in the air.

"We started the Bona's clap with the Haiti kids," Ryer said. "They didn't quite get the rhythm, though.""

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