Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hands On Disaster Response

CONGRATS HODR! Keep up the good work!

Hands On Disaster Response:
"It’s been 30 days of Project Leogane, and we’re off to a running start! .

Here’s a quick look at what we’ve been working on and how we’ve ramped up"

In one month, we’ve cleared over 30 slabs! Land is extremely limited in the urban/semi-urban areas most affected by the earthquake, so each home that we clear is a chance at a fresh beginning, a jumpstart to the rebuilding process. Our volunteers have thrown themselves into the work, sledge hammering concrete roofs and columns, hack sawing twisted rebar, and pushing loaded wheelbarrows. Also emerging from the rubble are the stories of each family who lived there; they’ve worked alongside us to clean up, salvage what they can, and begin rebuilding.

Special thanks to the kids of Leogane who work cheerfully and energetically with our teams each day!

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