Saturday, March 27, 2010 | talking about International Service Day! |:
"Tomorrow is International Service Day and I couldn't be more excited... I'm certain it will be and exhausting, yet rewarding day of service to others. I am especially excited to meet all of the other volunteers and to see what we can accomplish. I'll be swinging by the office early tomorrow morning to pick up a camera so i can add to the photo/video album that will be created.

I've received a heart-warming donation from an old friend of a canopy type tent. It will be of great use to the Bonaresponds volunteers moving forward during local service days and fundraisers. I'll be picking it up tomorrow morning at 730am and will keep it at the house until the next local service weekend. I had hoped it would be useful tomorrow, but in talking to Jim, it appears everything is already in order. Thanks George!!"

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