Wednesday, March 03, 2010

'What the Earthquake Did Not Bring Down, the Rains Will' -

"'Every person here needs help,' said James Tabuteau, 22, a college student who took refuge in the camp after he lost his home in the earthquake. 'We need food. We can't find anything to eat. We need water, we need toilets, we need anything you can use for life.'

Tabuteau is among some 1.2 million Haitians left homeless and vulnerable as the rainy season approaches with storms that figure to send deadly mud waves down hillsides stripped bare by years of deforestation. And then there will be the hurricane season, which begins in June."

Horrific. And we can do something. You can do something. Plan a trip. Donate a tent. Donate for food. Write your congressperson. Tell your church pastor to get the congregation involved. Write a letter to the editor. Do not let people forget. Get involved.

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