Monday, April 05, 2010

Brianna's reflection from Harlingen Texas

Brianna is 9 years old and helped delivery groceries to poor families in Harlingen Texas.

Here is her reflection (ok, her mom MIGHT have helped some ;) )

"I learned that helping people in need is really a good opportunity. And if you're small you can still really make a big difference for people in need. The best part of the day on Saturday was when we took the food to the families.

I would like to help more people in need in the future. Even if I see someone needing me to help carry their groceries or if someone's car breaks down, I can help them push it out of the way (which I did one time in the McDonald's parking lot with my sister!). Thank you for this opportunity."

Here are pictures of the work they did in Harlingen.

Thanks Kris, Wende, and Brianna!!

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