Monday, April 26, 2010

Great local service weekend

It was a really great three days of work for the spring 2010 BonaResponds service weekend!

Over 16 jobs were accomplished with over 120 bags of garbage picked up, a tile floor finished, dry wall for two rooms and a long hall way, plus much much more done.

Turnout, especially of SBU students, was down. It seems that we were competing with "house crawl" and when anyone comes between SBU students and alcohol it is very unfortunate, but the alcohol all too often wins.

But it was their loss. The weekend was great. The volunteers that did turn out were great and hardworking.

Pictures and more will be posted soon but my computer is having major issues (battery is dead and it there is a short in the computer where it plugs in. So may be time to buy a new one. What do you think? Apple? If so I will buy from so BonaResponds gets 1% of purchase price!

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