Thursday, April 15, 2010 | How 'bout it?

From Nate's blog: | How 'bout it?:
"...this Saturday is the Carwash and clothing sale at the living waters church in Olean, Ny. Kudos to Rob and his crew for pulling together nearly 1000 articles of clothing to sell. Additionally, Brian and I will be selling books for a buck each. He's already got several boxes packed and I will get mine together this week. We'll be splitting the sales from the table 50/50 with BR.

On the 23-25, local service weekend takes place with a laundry list of sites and projects around the area. In full disclosure, one of the projects will be a wheelchair ramp for my aunt and uncle, both in their 60s who have been dealt one bad hand after another regarding their health. Following my uncle's recent amputation, the ramp will take a bit of the burden off of them having to worry about how to pay for construction and how to get him home and comfortable to begin his recovery... Also that weekend is the 'tent out' / sleep over in the swamp to raise money for FoodforHaitNow. Should be an interesting event, assuming people show up.

Personally, I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, as it feels like we've had some down time lately. Funny that two months ago, 'down time' was the norm for me, but now it just doesn't feel right.."

Read the rest to see his meal equivalent translation! Good stuff!!!

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