Sunday, April 11, 2010

A thank you from Olean High

I really want to thank you for the NCLI day at Bonas for our students. They really enjoyed it and hopefully some who have not seen college as a future possibility for themselves will begin thinking about it.

Please pass on our thanks to everyone who made the day possible. The tour guides were great with the kids. Everyone who helped with the activities in the afternoon were enthusiastic and kept the kids involved. We started listing names to thank them all for the great work but were afraid we would overlook someone unintentionally. Please just give everyone our sincere thanks.

We would, however, like to especially thank ...Rob for his work in heading this up.... I know what a challenge it can be to organize an event like this and to be gracious and efficient in the execution.

Again, thank you all!!!!!

Lesley Patrone

Liberty Partnership

Olean Community Schools

Olean City School District

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