Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This week! BonaResponds Locally and for Haiti

So many things going on this week...wow..

This week will be a great opportunity to help locally and to help in Haiti. Get involved. You won't believe how fun it is, and how much good work you can do. Open to all. Come to one day or all. Your choice, but do come!

Thursday BonaResponds will be teaming up several on campus groups and clubs to have a Bon Fire and Camp out. Ok, we confess, the real reason for the camp out was originally for EarthDay and we really have not done that much work on it yet (we will!), but come on, it is way too good of an opportunity to not help Haiti at the same time! So given we are in teh midst of a Tent drive for Haiti, well, you can guess the rest.

But first the fun! and it will be a great deal on fun! Bon fire, smores, music, etc. And then to make it even better you can then donate your tent and we will ship it to Haiti with AhomeinHait.org.

The camp out will kick-off our annual Spring service weekend where we have over 20 jobs lined up all over the area from Bradford, Portville, Allegany, Olean, and Friendship. The jobs are good (Finishing a wheelchair ramp, painting for a woman (former SBU employee) with MS, helping hang drywall and paint for the new location of the Cornerstone Full Gospel Medical Loan Closet, the SPCA, helping a woman in Portville who was recently released after 6 weeks in the hospital, and more!).

The work begins on Friday when we will be teaming up with the Olean YMCA and the Olean Hiking club for various clean up jobs. Here are the rules: come with an open mind and good attitude. Come with the intent to help. Don't skip class to come. But do come!

Haiti Tent

for more information and to sign up (not required, but it REALLY helps us plan) see

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