Monday, June 07, 2010

BonaResponds possible trip to Millbury Ohio

Notice Board announcement:

The following will be posted on teh notice board at SBU this morning:

"BonaResponds-Millbury Ohio

In response to a series of tornadoes that went across Ohio, BonaResponds is planning a relief trip to Millbury Ohio this coming weekend.

We have been in contact with local officials in Millbury and it seems like the trip is a "go". But they will be getting back to us after further meetings and assessment of needs before we know for sure.

Like all BonaResponds events, this will be open to all. Costs are being worked on, but it is most likely this will be a free trip.

Family and friends and alumni from the Ohio area are especially welcome!

Most details are still being worked out (like where we will stay, when we will leave, etc). Current plans are for a group to leave either late Thursday or early Friday to establish contacts, secure sleeping quarters, and begin work. A second group will leave after three PM on Friday. Current plans have us getting back to SBU LATE on Sunday/early Monday AM.

Sleeping arrangements are unknown but expect them to be primitive so bring sleeping bags and tents if possible. Work clothes (boots etc) as well as being up to date on tetanus shots is a must.

More details will be forthcoming and be sure to check and our blog, and twitter account (@BonaResponds) for more up to date info

(BTW as long as we have your attention: we will also be working NEXT weekend (June 19) in Buffalo and then the following Sunday (the 27th) in Olean.)"

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