Wednesday, June 09, 2010

BonaResponds to help in Ohio

This past Saturday a series of deadly tornadoes swept across the Mid-West.  Especially hard hit was Millbury Ohio.  Approximately 50 homes were destroyed and another 50 severely damaged. In addition many farms, parks, and churches were damaged.

BonaResponds will be going to help this Fri-Sunday.  The base of operations will be the Mainstreet Church at 705 N Main Street in neighboring Walbridge OH.

We'd love to have you along to help!  It is a short trip but I am sure we can make a big difference.

You can meet us there (for the entire weekend or for just a day) or there will be two vans leaving SBU (one at 8:00 AM on Friday and one at approximately 5PM (stay tuned for exact times).

Please come prepared for the work.  Bring work clothes (boots, gloves, etc), a sleeping bag, personal items, toiletries, sun block, a digital camera, a good attitude!  You will also be responsible for food in transit.  Food will be provided while in the Millbury area.

You do not have to have any tie to SBU or have been a past BonaResponds volunteer, but it is extra nice if you have been!  (Wear your BonaResponds shirts or at least an SBU shirt if at all possible :)  If not HODR or any other shirt will

We do ask that you have had a tetanus shot within the past 7 years and you must be accompanied by a parent or other adult if under 18.

Stay tuned to the blog and the BonaResponds twitter account 

Please email to let us know you are coming!  or you can call 585.376.0231 as well.

I am sure it will be a good time and that we will be helping many people in their time of need.  So please come out.  You will like it!  Guaranteed :)

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