Thursday, June 17, 2010

Prime minister: Haiti needs help to rebuild - Haiti -

Prime minister: Haiti needs help to rebuild - Haiti -
"``We are intent on rebuilding a stronger, better Haiti from the ground up, a Haiti capable of realizing her full potential as a self-sufficient, independent and democratic nation,'' he said.

On Thursday, the first official meeting of the full Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission (IHRC) will take place in Port-au-Prince. Bellerive is co-chairman of the commission along with former U.S. President and U.N. Special Envoy Bill Clinton.

Under the terms of the reconstruction, the commission must approve all projects, from schools to hospitals to roads. At the same time, countries are asked to donate money to a trust fund. So far, only Brazil has signed a $40 million payment, and the Haitian government has been criticized for not having a clear plan on what a new capital should look like, and how to remove an estimated 1.5 million quake victims from public plazas and private lands."

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