Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reminder on Haiti collections

Things we are collecting for Haiti...all can be dropped off at the Allegany Park and Shop or to Jenifer Spencer upstairs in Murphy Building on the West side of SBU.

  1. School supplies--we have adopted two schools (about 1000 students total) in Leogane. We also will be giving them to various orphanages in both Leogane and Port au Prince. Notebooks, crayons, pencils, calculators, back backs, pens, etc.
  2. Used computers--We are working with various groups (most notably Robert Obas and the New Haiti Project) to collect, repair, and ship new and used computers to schools, Churches, and orphanages in Haiti. This has the potential to make a HUGE and lasting impact to the people of Haiti.   The computers must have processor speed of AT LEAST 1.4ghz and can not be older than 10 years old. We will ship to Massachusetts where a group will clean, fix, and ship. 
  3. Soccer Balls--working with various schools, clubs, classes, HelpCreateChange, and ToysRUs, we hope to ship over 500 soccer balls to Haiti.  
  4. Children shoes--We have 8 boxes of shoes (about 160 pairs) ready to go to MissionSoles.  They will be given out with the help of the "Sunday Project" mainly around Port au Prince.
  5. Money--We are still quite a bit short on our goal of feeding 100,000 people.  This money must be raised by September.  Make checks out to BonaResponds.  Can be mailed to BonaResponds, Box 231, St. Bonaventure NY 14778) (See for more information).

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