Saturday, June 12, 2010

Short update from Ohio

Good day of tree work in Millbury Ohio. We worked with many local volunteers and family members/neighbors.

* The work was mainly clean up after heavy equipment had been through, but still very much needed. We did down three damaged trees and cut up several that were down.

* Laura and the United Way people at the fire hall in Millbury have several jobs lined up for us tomorrow.

* Jen and Phil got in late tonight. Emily and Anita are coming in the morning as is a professional tree guy who called tonight and is coming in to help from Canton. He will be bringing his tree climbing equipment which will help on several.

* We are staying at the First Presbyterian Church in Clay Center. It is an almost perfect set up with two big rooms separated by a kitchen. No showers, but otherwise ideal.

* here are some pictures of the day.

* The number of trains and the amount of traffic on streets at night remind me of Randys Rangers camp circa 2007 in Pass Christian MS

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