Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Updates on Ohio

Updates on Ohio--
We have had several contacts with people in Ohio today.

Short version: much work to do, so come one with us!  or meet us there!!
  1. It is very difficult to assess damage from afar, but it seems like Millbury is a bit ahead of surrounding towns in their clean up process.  The fire chief and a member of the Board of Education both felt that they were well along in the clean up process.
  2. The MainStreet Church is acting a volunteer and distribution center.  We have had a couple of discussions with them.  They have two locations.  One was destroyed.  The other is helping with recovery both physically and spiritually as two members of their congregation died in the tornado.  They are having funerals on Friday and Saturday.  It is a very sad situation and they are doing better than could be expected.  They have been VERY helpful to us in finding work and even in attempting to arrange a place for us to stay.
  3. ISOH/Impact has arranged much work for us (as in we can not run out of work).  They are helping in several smaller towns in the area (including in Michigan).  We might be working in any of them, but the most tree work seems to be in the  Delta area.  Ironically ISOH/Impact was very active in Biloxi (medical mainly) in and around Yanqui stadium where we had many meals! So we might have met them after Katrina!
  4. Tom and others from Chicago are going to try and meet us there!  As is Gina from Cincinnati.   Andy (back from haiti and an original BonaResponds founder) is also coming!  As is Phil, Nate, Jen, Emily, Laura H, and hopefully you! :)

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