Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Various updates

Have many things to share but only 15 minutes to write, so here goes:

  1.  I heard from Wesley in Haiti last night.  He and his mom are doing well.  He is still interested in starting his photo business.  They are using the tents we gave them :).  BTW to make the story even better, I was speaking with Andy Hartnett when we were working in Ohio and learned that he had helped to demo the house.  So people in BonaResponds (but of course not a BonaResponds trip when in Haiti!!) started the house and finished rubbling the house.  NICE!
  2. The Saturday we will be helping CYC in Buffalo's Botanical Gardens.  Come on out 11AM on Saturday (or meet at Murphy at 9AM). 
  3. Next Sunday June 27th (wow where did June go?) we will have a local workday in the Olean area.  Bill H will be here from Texas to work with us!
  4. Olean High School, Olean Middle School, Archbishop Walsh Academy have been great helps in collecting school supplies for Haiti.  If you have some please drop off at the Allegany Park and Shop, or bring them with you to any of the work days.  
  5. Had a wonderful talk with Bob Parsons who ran the Pearlington Recovery Center where we worked on the spring break 2008 trip. He suggested that anyone who wants to volunteer in the Gulf get training at a local zoo or bird sanctuary.  Good idea!  Also he will be collecting school supplies in the Greenville SC area (yep, same location as Fr. Pat).
  6. The Ohio trip went well.  They still need much help so if you have some free time, I definitely encourage you to go help.
  7. We definitely have to get going on fundraising!  For for us (BonaResponds) and for FoodForHaitiNow.  We have lost all momentum on this front.  Costs from Ohio will probably be about $650 (gas, chains for saws, food).  

Out of time.  More soon.

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