Monday, July 12, 2010

BonaResponds helps locally and internationally

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I just sent the following to the SBU Notice-Board.  We'd love more volunteers, so if you can lend a hand it would be very much appreciated!

BonaResponds helps locally

On each of the next two weekends BonaResponds will be having workdays locally.

This Sunday (July 18th) we will be working at the home of a local World War II combat veteran (he was in the Ardennes Forest during the battle of the Bulge in the winter of 1944-1945).  We have agreed to help paint and fix up around his house.  We will be working from 11:30 to 3:30.  Depending on how far we get, work will include scraping, maybe priming, puttying windows, and more.  This is a great job and a great way to thank a Veteran who fought to help save the world from Hitler. 

Then Next Saturday (July 24th) we will have another work day.  As part of this year's RebuildingTogether project (formerly Christmas in April), we will be helping them paint four houses on the same day.  BonaResponds has been given (by Charlie who has volunteered with us locally as well as on two Gulf Coast Trips) our own house to paint. The house (which is quite small) is that of an elderly couple who have had some financial difficulties.
IF we get done early, we plan on going back to work on the WW II Veteran's house after.

BonaResponds Helps Internationally
Our first large shipment (other than what JustRespond volunteers took with them in May) of school supplies will be shipped soon.  We want them to be there when school starts!  We have several hundred notebooks, pens, pencils, and crayons, but would love more.  As many of you know, we have adopted several Haitian Schools in and around Leogane.  Both the Boys School (about 300 students) and the Girls School (St. Rose de Lima--almost 700 students) were totally destroyed by the Earthquake and now hold classes in UN supplied tents.  On the May JustRespond trip we met with them (I even tried to teach two classes--Math and English) and both the teachers and the the "principals" (they called themselves Headmaster and Headmastress) said that school supplies (and a computer to help run the schools) are their biggest needs (other than new buildings!). 

So please help.  You can drop off notebooks, pencils, crayons, calculators (solar is best), used computers, and backpacks at either my office (231 Murphy--leave with Jen Spencer as I am rarely there) or at the Allegany Park and Shop.  We hope to ship soon, so please drop off as your earliest convenience.

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