Thursday, August 19, 2010

BonaResponds needs drivers and role models for August 28th

BonaResponds meets Mayor Mike Bona_Responds via FlickrAs part of Welcome Days BonaResponds, the First Year Experience, and the Center for Community Engagement are putting on a the annual service day for incoming students. It is a great opportunity for them to meet others while doing good deeds in the local community.

This year will almost assuredly be the largest ever with a high degree of participation expected (400 volunteers for some part of the day would not be surprising.).

We currently have about twenty jobs lined up in the Olean/Allegany area. That part is similar to most of our service weekends. What makes this one extra important is that the incoming students do not have patterns learned yet and thereby are more impressionable. You can make a good first impression for them!

How can you help? We'd LOVE to have you volunteer. Rarely in life is does such a golden opportunity to be a role model and make a positive difference present itself. Not only can you help the local community by painting, cleaning, etc, but just by coming out you are setting an example for new students that helping others is what we do at St. Bonaventure.

Additionally, since it will be the first real volunteer day for many of the students, they need leaders to help show how to act, paint, etc. You really will make a lasting impact on the students if you come out, one that could change people's lives not only for a day, but for their entire life.

But even if you do not know how to paint etc, we can still really use your help. We are very short on drivers! Or bake brownies/cookies, or even peanut butter sandwiches for the volunteers (a great recipe for PB sandwiches: put peanut butter and jelly on bread, serve).

As you can imagine moving 400 volunteers to about 20 different jobs can be a logistical challenge. It is made worse since most of other students (upper class) will be busy moving in and not available to drive. So we really need drivers. If you are over 21 and have a clean driving record, please contact Abby Cohen ( to help arrange get SBU approval to drive.

Thank you very much. Remember you really can be the difference in someone's college experience and set them on the right path for years to come, all while helping in the local community. What more can you ask for?

No matter who you are, you are a role model and Saturday August 28th is a day when the new students will be watching and learning. Please come out and help.
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