Friday, September 10, 2010

Update on Saturday's food packing

On Saturday over 400 volunteers (closer to 500!) will be packing meals from 9AM to 6:30 PM in the Reilly Center. It should be a very interesting event to watch. We will have music playing and everyone should be having a great time. We will also be selling clothes that were donated for a "garage sale" that are an absolute screaming deal at $2 or less for often times never worn clothes, "Jesus is a Saint Fan" t-Shirts, and More!

Please stop and think about the size of that. 100,000 meals.

This is part of the FoodForHaitiNow project that was started back in the weeks after the January Earthquake in Haiti. The project has been a group effort of BonaResponds, Villa Volunteers, Daemen College, Olean Theater Workshop, Park and Shop, and Cuba-Rushford, Allegany, Olean school students. It also has been a testament to how SBU can pull together. A giant thank you in advance to the Maintenance staff, the Athletic Dept, Security, the PR dept, Hickey Dining Hall personnel, and many many others who have been amazingly helpful and patient with countless changes of plans. But the biggest thank you goes to the volunteers. Without your commitment this could not get off the ground. So please honor that commitment and attend at your agreed upon time. 100,000 people are depending on you!

Also we will be having a bake sale in conjunction with the Olean Area Islamic Center to help relief efforts in Pakistan. So bring some spare change and enjoy as you watch people pack food that will be going to schools, orphanages, and tent villages.
For more information on this even, please see or

If you would like to volunteer, we could use some people still on the 4:30-6:30 shifts as well as for take down 6:30-8:00 on Sat, and set up 5:00 PM today at the back of the RC.
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HiFi said...

I think it's fantastic that there are people like you who work to help other people who are in need. Where would the world be in no-one cared. Thank you.