Monday, October 11, 2010

Einstein and the bug bite

Lesson of the day: It is all relative. (that is Einstein was right, it is all relative)

Vinnie is a Camden resident who had a stroke about three years ago. Since then he has struggle to care for his elderly dog (Bear) and many cats (some of whom he saved when they had been abandoned by others).

Vinnie's stroke left much of his left side of his body disabled. It is a major challenge to stand and his left hand can do little.

Talking to him today he taught us all about perspective. You see he got a bug bite on his arm, and was happy about it!

You see, he could feel the bite. It itched. And that was the first time since the stroke that he could feel his left arm. What was a source of misery for others, had become a major encouragement for him. Maybe it would continue to get better.

Which just goes to show it is not what happens to you, but how you think about what happens to you that matters.

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