Tuesday, November 02, 2010

YOU CAN help Pakistan

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Following up on the bake sale that was held in Conjunction for our Haiti Food Packing event, we are happy to announce another fundraising event for Pakistan.   For the next week (Tues to Tues) we will be collecting beverage cans (pop cans, bottles (or soda if you prefer), bottle water, and beer cans/bottles) that have a 5 cents New York state deposit.

We will then turn the cans in for money that will be used to both send medical supplies and to fund  relief organizations in Pakistan. (so no we are not going to Pakistan--that sigh of relief you hear is from Hopkins ;) )

Look for containers around campus and a large container outside of the Reilly Center. What you may have thrown away can help get the poor of Pakistan back on their feet.

While out of the news, the size of this size of this disaster is staggering. For some facts on it see this video from the Relief Society of Canada. (pretty cool music too)

Here is another (older) video that shows the scope of the damage

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