Monday, January 31, 2011

Help for church - Wellsville, NY - Wellsville Daily Reporter

I had not seen this. It was from a couple of weeks ago.

Help for church - Wellsville, NY - Wellsville Daily Reporter:
"Volunteers Saturday included representatives of Bible Baptist, Maplehurst Baptist of Hinsdale, Houghton Wesleyan in Houghton, United Church of Friendship and Methodist Church of Friendship. BonaResponds, a group of volunteers that includes St. Bonaventure University staff and students and local residents, also helped. Volunteers took tables and chairs, filing cabinets and a stove, among other items, out of the basement.

“We were able to salvage some of the copper pipes from the heating system. There were two large radiators that we had to drag out — cast-iron radiators,” Broadwell said. “The two radiators were about 300 pounds each. We had to hook a chain on them and drag them out of the basement. The radiators weren’t too easy to hold onto."

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