Friday, February 11, 2011

A Thank You [for a walker]

A few weeks ago Jim, a former Olean resident who now lives in Florida, reached out to a BonaResponds Volunteer.  He was not asking for help, but rather just telling his story.  The volunteer (who wishes to remain nameless) took the story to the attention of other BonaResponds' leaders and with 30 minute we reached out to the Medical Loan Closet and within a few days Jim had the seated walker that he needed.

Jim and his family have been amazingly thankful for this and wanted to thank each and every donor who made this possible.

Here are a few of their words of gratitude:

From Jim after he got the walker:
" all the people who made this possible thank u so very much. I cannot express to all of you how you made me happy and feel like a new person.  This meant the world to me.  It is so much easier to get around without having to worry about loosing my footing and falling. Again thank you all so much and god bless u all for making this happen.."

Via a FB chat when we told him he would be getting the walker:

"I owe you big time and when I get better you will get my service in helping others [I] can guarantee that."

"I've got tears 9 years no one [has] ever helped me at all...thank you soo very much."
been a very emotional roller coaster for me in the last 9 yrs."

From Mike: 
"I am Jim's brother and just want to thank you for helping my brother out with his walker. That was so kind and my family thinks the world of you [BonaResponds] and St Bonas. Thanks again!!!!!!"

That is why our mission statement is simply "to help".  If we limited it, it would be hard to imagine where bringing donors in WNY and a recipient in Florida in a non natural disaster situation would be listed in the mission.  So from Jim in Florida, as well as Jim in BonaResponds ;) , thank you to all who help in so many ways.

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