Thursday, March 31, 2011

Olean Times Herald article on BonaResponds's new Trailer

Nice article from the Olean Times Herald on our new trailer .

"BonaResponds student, Rob Ryer, has used his car so often to transport chainsaws, axes and tools to help with volunteer work projects that the back seat of his small car is literally torn up.

In the future, Mr. Ryer expects that his car will be used to transport BonaResponds volunteers instead of tools and equipment, thanks to a new Featherlite aluminum trailer won by the organization. The trailer was delivered Wednesday to St. Bonaventure University by Dean Davis, owner of Davis Trailer World LLC. The trailer was one of two Featherlites won by Olean pharmacist Vic Vena on behalf of BonaResponds. BonaResponds, a student-run organization that assists with disaster relief projects and community needs, will use the new trailer to haul tools and equipment to project sites."

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