Friday, April 29, 2011

Alabama Trip...A few more details

TUSCALOOSA, AL - APRIL 28:  In the aftermath o...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeWhat we know: 

* BonaResponds is going to Alabama to help people recover from the devastating tornadoes that hit the region.  The trip is tentatively planned for May 15th to May 28th BUT we are flexible and people can come and go whenever they want.  (indeed it may not start until the 16th and may get done early if there is not work.)

* We need volunteers. The trip will cost $100 to cover the cost of gas and food.  Several friends have lined up places for us to stay while in and around Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  It is a 15 hour (953 mile) drive from SBU.

* Two weeks in "Tornado time" is a long long time.  So we can not tell specifically where we will be working but it will be in the Tuscaloosa area.

* If you want to fly, fly to Birmingham, AL (BHM-Birmingham Intl.).  Ideally you buy your tickets through GoodShop and list BonaResponds as your charity so a small percentage helps to fund BonaResponds.  We will try to arrange ground transportation for you to and from the airport but can not guarantee zero waiting.

* We will be doing whatever is needed.  Likely this will mean "tree work" but in two weeks much can change and it could be helping to rebuild, build fences for farmers, or whatever is needed to help the people back on their feet.

* We need to have an idea of when people want to go and how many.  There is a sign up here.  To hold a place in a van, we need a $50 non refundable deposit.  Contact if you have further questions.

* As always, our view is that it is better to go and not be needed, than to not go and leave people who needed our help.  Please bring with you a positive attitude and a willingness to be flexible.  

* Here is a waiver/release that must be signed by all volunteers.

* All BonaResponds events are open to everyone.  So if you would like to help, come help!  If you can stay for a day, a week, or the entire time. GREAT!   All skills are needed.  From drivers, to people who can use chain saws, to people who can put roofs on, to people who can take pictures, to people to cook, and pretty much everything else.   Many hands make light work and you all have something to offer.  So please come and lend a hand!

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