Thursday, April 07, 2011

BonaResponds' Wishlists: for others and for us.

I had a donor ask me what we needed the other day, so figured I will put up a new wish list, but the biggest thing we always need is More Volunteers. 

Many of the problems/shortages we have can be solved with more volunteers.  We do things most weekends but there is no need to be at every one, or even the majority of them, but come out when you can.  It really will make a difference!
Items for others:
  1. School supplies.  From used pencils, crayons, pens to calculators, notebooks, and even used notebook computers.  We have people both in the US and in Haiti who anxiously await our shipments.  They can be dropped off at any time at 231 Murphy on the SBU campus (or leave with the Business Secretary Jen Spencer upstairs (on the SE corner of the building), or dropped off at the Allegany Park and Shop.
  2. Children's Books.  Again these will be going to both people in the US as well internationally.  The next shipment will be going to a school in Belize where former BonaResponds leader Laura McDowell is now volunteering.
  3. Musical instruments and sheet music.  A Haitian volunteer (Robinson) has started an afterschool program for children in Leogane to learn music.  He is doing it for free so if you have any used musical instruments (he would especially love horns and flutes) or sheet music etc, you can leave them at the 2312 Murphy or the Allegany Park and Shop.
  4. Tarps--sorry to say but many in Haiti are still living in tents and under tarps.  They wear out, so new tarps are always needed there.
  5. Soccer and/or basketballs or other small toys.  We like to include toys with our school supply shipments.  A deflated ball or toy will make a child's day in Haiti. 
  6. Money for shipping or to help  For about $250 a year, they pay for a student in Haiti to go to school.  Zero overhead and a great pay to directly impact those in need while making the future need less.

Items for BonaResponds

  1. An auger: digging post holes for wheel chair ramps is a pain.  This would save much time and allow us to get more ramps done.
  2. A small portable electric generator.
  3. A nail gun.
  4. Tarps--for painting as well as for park and other cleanups.
  5. Step ladders.  Ladders are always in short supply. 
  6. Storage room.  We had our storage space reduced and this is a BIG need.  If you have a space in the Olean/Allegany area, we'd love to use it.
  7. Digital camera--all too often on local service weekends some job sites do not have cameras to capture their work.
  8. Radios--music makes the work go much faster!  They ideally can play on batteries since often electric is at a premium where we are working.
  9. Our biggest expense (other than when we help pay for supplies in cases of emergency) is gas.  We go through about $70 of gas a week.  Would you like to sponsor a week?
  10. Our next biggest expense is food.  It clearly varies but food for volunteers is about $30-$40 a week.  Or donate a pizza etc.

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