Friday, April 08, 2011

Books for Barranco Belize

Where in the world is Barranco?  It is in Belize in Central America.   Here are some pictures of the area.

Why are we sending books there?  Clearly because they are reading them! But also because our former student leader and long time BonaResponds volunteer Laura McDowell is there as part of the Peace Corps.

Here is what she sent yesterday:

Books for Barranco

Buiti binafi from Barranco! My name is Laura McDowell, and I am a 2009 SBU graduate. For the past year I have been serving with Peace Corps Belize, and am working with a small primary school in a Garifuna village.

One of my most effective projects last year was getting each classroom a small bookshelf, and a few books to put on it. The new books have dramatically improved literacy in our school, but our readers are running out of material!

You can help!  Send books and BonaResponds will work with us to get the books to the school.  

*New or gently used*
Picture books
Chapter books
Leveled readers
Teacher textbooks
Reference books

PLEASE do NOT send
Outdated textbooks or reference books
Books about US heroes or holidays   (BR addition: we will send these to US schools if you do give them)
Old books you wouldn’t like to see in a US classroom

Books can be Mailed to or dropped off at Allegany Park and Shop  24 North First St. Allegany NY

Or to BonaResponds, 231 Murphy Building, St. Bonaventure NY 14778
(or drop off there or to Jen Spencer the business assistant upstairs in Murphy building (SE corner of building).

thanks everyone!

(remember we are also collecting school supplies (pencils, crayons, etc) for Haiti and US schools as well as soccer balls, basketballs, and musical instruments for Haiti.)

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