Tuesday, May 03, 2011

An update from Ringgold GA (From Larry and Bonnie)

Larry is on our Advisory Board.  He was in Biloxi in September of 2005 and he and Bonnie made many trips to the Gulf Coast and have been with us on many trips and local events.  They were already in the South when the tornadoes hit last week, so they went to Ringgold GA to help. 

I spoke with Larry tonight.  Here are a few of his comments and some pictures they sent.

"It is as devastated as anything I have seen.  Even after Katrina."

The town of about 3000...many buildings just gone...where the tornado touched down there is just basements left.  Away from it you have damaged homes and then further away you have roof damage.  The whole valley has trees blown down."

"Tell the [potential] volunteers that they are needed.  Alabama is supposedly worse than this, and this is bad."

"They [the volunteers] have to know to be prepared.  This is bad."

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