Friday, June 10, 2011

Volunteering in Massachusetts

What we know:

There is work.  We have confirmed this numerous times.  Some of the work is not yet lined up, but several people on the ground (including Bill of AllHands) and have confirmed there is much work for us in and around the Springfield area. 

We will be leaving SBU at 5:00pm (meeting to packup at 4:15 at storage to pack).

We have at least a van and a car (2) plus James (former leader) is meeting us there.

Tonight (it may change tomorrow) we will be staying at the West Springfield Church of Christ
61 Upper Church St. West Springfield, MA 01089.  We will be sleeping on the floor, so plan accordingly. 

It is a disaster zone.  Come prepared.  You will need boots, jeans, gloves, sun block, and a camera ;)

We will be working from 8AM to 6 PM on Saturday.  Sunday we will likely end at 5.  We are open to all.  If you have a job for us in the area, please let us know by emailing or calling 585.376.0231.   

We will have at least 3 chain saws but if you have others you can bring.  We do have a hard fast rule that you must wear chaps when using a chain saw for us.

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