Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weekend plans Springfield MA tornado recovery

What we know:
  1. We will be working in Springfield Massachusetts from Friday AM to Tues PM.
  2. We would love others to come help with us!  We are open to all. (EVERYONE must fill out this form--NO EXCEPTIONS.  We will have the form at job sites as well.)
  3. We plan on starting all workdays from the Holy Cross Parish Parking lot (221 Plum Tree Road)  Friday and Saturday work begins at 9:00.  Sunday (9:30).  Monday and Tues 9:00. 
  4. After work on Saturday and Sunday we will be getting together back at the church (6pm on Saturday, 5 pm on Sunday) for a meeting/meal.
  5. If you have tools (wheel barrels, rakes, chainsaws) please bring them.  All volunteers should wear gloves and boots.  We also recommend long sleeves and long pants as well.
  6. There are jobs for everyone.  From cutting trees, to hauling limbs to the curb, raking lawns, tarping roofs, and working in shelters. Also scouting jobs, feeding, etc.  So plan on helping!
We are staying at the Church of Christ at 61 Upper Church Road in WEST Springfield.  You will be sleeping on the floor so bring a sleeping bag and maybe a pad.

Watch and the BonaResponds blog for future updates.

You can sign up to volunteer:

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