Friday, August 19, 2011

A new podcast! HaitianHappenings Cofounded by HaitiScholarships and BonaResponds!

HaitianHappenings Podcast:
 Welcome to the BRAND NEW HaitianHappenings podcast. It is brought to you by HaitiScholarships ( and BonaResponds ( (paid for by an anonymous outside donor so your donations were not used).   
The purpose of the podcast is to give people a sense of what is happening in Haiti and to be able top follow up on their donations to see how they are helping Haitians. 
We will try to do a different podcast weekly (maybe more, maybe less) depending on time and interest. 

Kicking off the podcasts will be today's interview with Jean Kendy Estimphil of Leogane Haiti. I had the pleasure of meeting Jean Kendy last year in Haiti and he has helped both BonaResponds and HaitiScholarships immensely both in translation, being our person on the ground for distribution of supplies (the link is a set of pictures)/
Listen to the interview here

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