Friday, September 09, 2011

Flood update

Having spoken to several people on the ground, it appears the water is still too high in many places.  IF it were closer to here or if we had no other jobs, I think it would be worth the risk of no work, but given these practical problems, we will hold off until next weekend to go to the flooded regions (Binghamton and/or Pratville and/or Northern PA).

I feel I am letting the flood victims down, but am confident it is the decision that makes the most sense given we have 60 local volunteers coming tomorrow from Terry Moran's class and have several jobs to do locally. 

THAT SAID, and I can not stress it enough, we will not turn our back on the flood victims.  The extra time will give us the opportunity for a larger response.  It is my guess that some will be there next weekend and it is looking more and more likely to the the location of our fall break trip as well. 

Here is probably the best coverage of much of this round of flooding that I have seen:
from the Sacramento Bee.


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