Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lowell doctor's return visit to Haiti an eye-opener - Lowell Sun Online

Lowell doctor's return visit to Haiti an eye-opener - Lowell Sun Online:

"I learned a lot of technique from him and passed on a lot of knowledge to him," Johnson said. "Dr. Alexander would be a valuable contribution to Lowell, but I would not want to contribute to the Haitian brain drain. They need him."

Johnson said he was stunned by the lack of progress he observed between his first and second trips, a year apart.

"The Presidential Palace is still pancaked," he said. "People are still living in tent cities. The Anglican Cathedral is still destroyed.

"Billions of dollars came into the country, but there is no visible significant construction going on," he said.

This is a big reason why we are collecting school supplies and construction tools. Money can be stolen and wasted, but it is much harder to make off with a bunch of hammers, pens, or pencils.

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Lydia said...

We do work with Haiti orphanages set up by our church. Medical missions, teaching missions, missions to bring food and supplies, etc. There is a woman who has set up a cyber cafe. Her name is Julie Hallman. I think the email is cybercafe@gmail.com.
My prayer is that your work goes well and that you meet up with our group so that you can encourage one another.

Lydia (www.lgmcguiuresresearchers.blogspot.com)