Saturday, September 03, 2011

Margaretville Update

Great day!  11+ jobs done and very moving meeting to end the day.

Finished 11 jobs in the Margaretvill/Ashville area.  Mainly mudding out basements/first floors.

We did have some organizational problems at the start but they worked themselves out very quickly and the day went exceedingly well. 

  • Some of today's events:
  • Mudding out 4 home basements
  • Jacking up a  porch
  • Sweeping out a first floor (it had been gutted but thin layer of mud remained)
  • Removing furniture and other items from first floor, removing carpets, and storing items to allow house to be gutted and heaved floors to be replaced.
  • Counseling several residents on "next step" (typically bleach and ventilate to allow wood to dry)
  • Removing appliances and furniture from several apartments (to give you an idea of # of appliances, they filled 3 medium sized dumpsters, helping tenants salvage any of their belongings before their apartments were to be gutted
  • Mudding the basement of a local theater.  (Note, this was a HUGE job--at least 25 volunteers...may never have seen a team work so hard for 2 straight hours.  GREAT work VOLS!!)
  • Removing a tree trunk that was potentially blocking stream under bridge.
  • several volunteers worked in food bank in Margaretville.
  • At night, packed 2+ pallets of medicine for shipment to Eithiopia with Citihope.
We also had a great meeting to wrap up the day.  In addition our volunteers, we had truly inspitational talks by the Reverend Paul Moore, his sone Paul both of Citihope, and Tom Harvey of The Global Environment and Technology Foundation.  Honored to be able to work with them all.  Not sure what else to say, but truly inspirational people doing great things all around the globe.  I hope that BonaResponds will be able to help them in the future.

Tomorrow we will be working in Arkville, Margaretville, and making our first trip into Fleishman. 

Lest you think today was all work, I have to add I heard several times that this was the most fun BonaResponds day that even expereinced volunteers had ever been on.  Oh, and Jive and I dove into a large mud pile as if it were a slip and slide (was already so muddy it added virtually zero to our mud total). Look for pictures soon! 

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