Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This weekend! Flood response, Buffalo, and local activities. We really need volunteers! (and drivers)

Never satisfied with just "busy" BonaResponds has opted to make a huge impact this weekend on multiple fronts in multiple areas. So here goes:

  1. Flood relief--as you know, thousands of homes were flooded from the one-two punch of Irene and Lee.  We are going back to help this weekend.  After much deliberation, we decided to go to Athens PA.  This will allow us to help in Owego, Athens, Sayre, and Towanda.  We will be staying in the local school. (This was made possible by Erin Sullivan who is a former student of mine at SBU).  Watch the video:

Sign up for the trip here.

If you can drive, we'd love it. If you bring 4 people and drive, we will pay your gas. It is just over 2 hours from SBU as well as Rochester. It is about 50 minutes from Binghamton. (which was our second choice to go to. But from reports of people on the ground, Binghamton had more volunteers already, so we opted to take the road less traveled).

Bring sleeping bags, clothes you don't mind getting dirty, a good attitude and a willingness to help others!. I will give a more complete list in a subsequent blog entry.

2. Buffalo. Prior to the floods we had a day planned for Buffalo. While we have scaled it back dramatically, there are two jobs that we'd really like to still do. The Bob Lanier Center has had a few recent break-ins and vandalism. They have asked us to paint graffiti and help restore the community center. This is a SATURDAY only job.

Also in Buffalo there is a ramp project that is pretty important. It is for a girl who lives at Baker Victory Services but can not go home to see here mom anymore since there is no ramp. It is a job that is screaming to be done. I realize many of you are tired of ramps, but please remember that to the person getting the ramp, it is the most important thing you can do and they are appreciative. This is from Sabrina, the person who contacted me about the job last month:
".my resident has profound intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, and a trachea. The only thing she has to look forward to is visiting her mother. Unfortunately, mom's house is not wheelchair accessible, and she is unable to afford a ramp (had a stroke shortly after giving birth). This will change a family's life for a very long time."
Sabrina has several skilled people lined up to help, but we need a leader there to coordinate the work (and get lumber etc). 

3.   In Olean, Future pro-bowler Jen Thomas will be heading a small team on Saturday to help the SPCA with their fund raiser (and likely walk some dogs too ;) )

Ok, hang on...going to be an awesome ride! You will be making a huge impact no matter where you choose.  So come on out and help!

Multiple fronts of attack this weekend. If you want to volunteer, we have a job for you!

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