Saturday, October 01, 2011

Haitian camp populations decline, but residents still in need – UN official

600,000 is too many for 21 months later.

Haitian camp populations decline, but residents still in need – UN official:
30 September 2011 –
"The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) still in camps in Haiti after their homes were destroyed by last year’s catastrophic earthquake has declined from 1.5 million to 600,000, but hardship in the settlements has not eased, the United Nations humanitarian chief said today at end of her three-day visit to the country."

And from Canada's Chronicle Herald on Thursday:

"The latest figures from the UN’s Office of the Special Envoy on Haiti show slightly more than 40 per cent of the $4.6 billion in development funds promised to Haiti by the world’s governments for 2010-11 have been delivered. Haitians rightly fear that the shortfall in promises for the years beyond 2011 will grow as the world moves on. .....
 and later:
"Among the observations of our 10-day, fact-finding mission to Haiti this past June are the following:
• Life in the displaced persons camps remains harsh. In many, there is no ready access to potable water, toilets, bathing facilities and medical services.
• Nearly half of the buildings in Port au Prince left standing by the earthquake are unsafe for habitation, yet Haitians have moved back into them in large numbers.
• New shantytowns housing tens of thousands of people have arisen on the arid lands beyond the former northern perimeter of the city as people lose faith — or patience — in formal reconstruction plans."
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