Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BonaResponds pre-Thanksgiving update

A few updates on things: (much info, so try to read them all)

  • Work this past weekend in Limestone went well.  Here are many many pictures of the job.  We will be going back to finish the Sunday December 4th to finish.  (if anyone wants to fix broken windows in his door for him (it is going to get cold!) We'd really appreciate it!  Also if anyone has a BobCat (or wants to help rent one), it sure would make the job go faster.
  • We are going to be working locally over Thanksgiving break in the Olean area.  Work will be at least Fri-Sunday.  If anyone wants to, I can probably be convinced to  go out on Wednesday as well.  Jobs include doing helping make a home handicap accessible, building a ramp, and packing for Haiti.  
  • Currently in waiting we have three ramp jobs, making 3 different homes accessible (one Olean, one Hinsdale, one Ellicotville), and finishing up in Limestone.  SO WE WILL BE NEEDING VOLUNTEERS. 
  • Want to make a bigger impact?  When shopping this Holiday Season, pick up some SMALL toys, school supplies, calculators, etc for Haiti.  And we also will be sending some to a family in Athens/Sayre that not only got flooded, but the mother was hit by a truck when walking and the children will REALLY appreciate the Christmas presents.
  • Also there is a Vocational school in Haiti looking for tools (hammers, drills, screw drivers, tape measures, speed squares and the like.  They'd also love volunteers to help teach!  Let me know if interested.65438_149805621734779_100001160253647_247420_4...Image by Bona_Responds via Flickr
  • Another school in Haiti is looking for musical instruments and sheet music.   So why not clean out your attic over break! 
  • It appears the Winter trip will be Jan 3 to January 12th.  Most likely place is outside of Tuscaloosa.  Details after Thanksgiving break.
  • We NEED to do a fundraiser.  We will be selling BonaResponds Hoodies and bracelets the week after Thanksgiving in the RC. 
  • Planning for the International Service Day is going well.  It is March 31, 2012 Saturday.  Jobs in Poland, Pakistan, Uganda, Haiti, Olean, Buffalo, Dallas, Orange County California, and more.  NEed you involved.  Big or small.  With ties to SBU or not.  Plan on helping!  Sign up here: http://bonaresponds.org/isd.html
  • There are 5 nice ways to help (from shopping, to giving alternative gifts, to dropping off supplies) on BonaResponds.org.  Check them out! 

Have a great Thanksgiving and remember to make a difference!  

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