Monday, December 12, 2011

A Thank you from a former Allegany Resident

BonaResponds: Local Flood Clean UpImage by Bona_Responds via FlickrOne year ago to the week BonaResponds was very busy in flood clean up.  Today I was reminded of the great work that the volunteers did when Sr. Margaret (SBU president) forwarded the following email.  I took the woman's name off of it since I did not have permission to share, BUT I will say that I know the job and it was one that was REALLY cool since several people from Gowanda (a town that was flooded the year before where BonaResponds made many trips to--they are wearing the green shirts) came over to help. 

Email in its entirety (except name)

Sr. Margaret,

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you and congratulations for a job well done!!!  let me explain.
As an alumni, I am proud to say I graduated with my 1st Masters degree from St. Bonaventure.  Knowing I was born
and raised in Allegany, this makes me even more proud to know the university is involved and dedicated to the
community in a positive manner.

It was a while back now, during the last flooding that Allegany experienced.  My brother lives on Union Street in
our family's homestead.  It was always a wonderful place to live; however, the one challenge we always had was the
flooding of the Allegheny River. During the last flooding, my brother did get water, not only around the house, but
the basement, garage and almost into the house.  He had just had a hip replacement and was unable to prepare for the
flooding as normal.

When the water receded, he had damage to some walls, the furnace, and much of the insulation.  Being that I no longer
live in New York, I was unable to get there to help him out, but he said to me that everything was under control.  I
asked him what he meant by this.  He told me that several St. Bonaventure students were there and assisting him.  These
students worked very hard and were dedicated to helping him out.  They did a wonderful job.
I understand the  university has formed an organization to assist the community in this manner. 

Kudos to these students and all that they do!!!!  Kudos to the St. Bonaventure as well!!!!

Thank you!!!
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