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At a glance: Haiti - Four Haitian filmmakers explore conditions for children two years after the quake

School Supplies for HaitiImage by Bona_Responds via FlickrUNICEF - At a glance: Haiti - Four Haitian filmmakers explore conditions for children two years after the quake:

Need a reminder why we are still working for Haiti long after it has departed the news headlines? Watch this video:

“This film project is all about listening to the Haitian voice and understanding children's lives,” said Thomas Nybo, coordinator of the project. “We issued a call for short-film proposals, either fiction or documentaries, and we chose four filmmakers, three of whom are from Cine Institute” – Haiti’s only film school, located in the Southern city of Jacmel.

The short films feature some of the biggest challenges facing Haiti’s children: losing parents to the earthquake; the plight of a girl working as a restavek, a domestic servant; and the challenges, especially economic, confronting families when they send their children to school.

If you want to help:
  1. Donate to help pay shipping of school supplies:
  2. Donate school supplies (new or used) that will be distribued to schools in Haiti.  So far we have send over 50 pallets of supplies and are looking forward to our next shipment!  Supplies, books, lap top computers, etc. can be dropped off at the Allegany Park and Shop, or 231 Murphy on SBU campus, or with Jenifer Spencer the upstairs business secretary in the Murphy Building on SBU's campus (far west side).
  3. Donate new or used light construction equipment for a vocational school in Leogane.  They would love just about anything, but their list is here "Hammers , raboteuse, Saws Braces and Boring Tools Planes Mortise, Tenon and Dovetail, drill, compass saw, smoothing plane, rabootez firmer chisel, brace and bit, screw driver,square, making gauge, hands screw, nails, sawing table.  Pipe wrench, strap wrench, chain pipe wrench, adjustable spud wrench , hack saw, tube cutter, tube flatering tools, pipe threader, Sink Auger,toilet Auger, Plunger, Snake, tape, Plumber's Putty, duct tape, plumbing fixtures."
  4. Donate musical instruments, sheet music, and the like to a music school in Gonnaives.  Again, you donate, we will ship  (no pianos ;) )  Must be able to fit in our barrels.
  5. Donate to HaitiScholarships.  This is a Spin-off of BonaResponds that helps to pay for Haitians to go to school in Haiti!
  6. Get involved with the soon to be launched (sometime this semester) online program we have named Voyager Academy.  It will be an online program" that allows Haitians free access to some of the best teachers and professors we can find in a video format with French and Creole Subtitles.
  7. Not sure what to do?  Just get involved!  We have jobs for everyone on this one!!!  From wherever you are!
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