Monday, April 16, 2012

BonaResponds Summer Tour

BonaResponds will be making a summer relief tour from May 15th to June 1. While the exact locations are not yet known, we do know we will be in Dallas and Harlingen Texas (near Brownsville). The work will be both tornado clean up as well as fixing up homes in colonias (rural slums) near Harlingen. (Some of these homes still have dirt floors and no plumbing). Additional stops are dependent on drivers and need. (the tornadoes this weekend have convinced us to wait before saying for sure where we will be going.

Likely stops are in Kansas, Alabama or Kentucky. Space is limited (have I mentioned we REALLY need drivers?)

Here is the form:

Update: Here is a very tentative schedule:

For planning purposes (airports noted) here are approximate dates:

MAy 15 Leave Olean for Dallas
May 16 Drive. Arrive and get settled (DFW airport)
May 17 Tornado work (probably S of Dallas)
May 18 Tornado work (probably S of Dallas)
Mau 19 Tornado work (probably S of Dallas)
May 20 Tornado work (reflection/good by meeting)
May 21 Drive to Harlingen (Stop in Austin, San Antonio)
May 22 Work in Harlingen (Harlingen, McAllen, Brownsville airports)
May 23 Work in Harlingen
May 24 Work in Harlingen
May 25 Work in Harlingen (ideally leave about 7pm to get to Houston area at night)
may 26 Drive to Memphis TN (15 hours from Harlingen)
May 27 Drive to West Liberty (9:30 hours from Memphis)
May 28 West Liberty Kentucky Area
May 29 West Liberty Kentucky Area
May 30 West Liberty Kentucky Area
May 31 West Liberty Kentucky Area
June 1 Back to SBU (9 hour drive)
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