Friday, August 24, 2012

September 29th Blanket Making and Collection Day

On September 29th BonaResponds will be hosting its first ever Blanket Making and Collection Day.  The day will be done with the help of WarmSnugglyBlanket, LiveStrong, and Soles4Souls.  The goal of the day, like that of all BonaResponds Days, is simple: To help.

WarmSnugglyBlanket is a part of BonaResponds whose main aim is to help people with cancer.  It was started to honor the late Marge Mahar who, previous to losing her battle with Breast Cancer this past spring, had wanted to help those in their own personal battles with cancer.  

The blanket idea came out of an experience that Marge had during her final weeks when she had trouble sleeping.  She shared that, as she sat on her bed coughing and worrying, she thought about all of the people who had reached out to her from all around the world to let her know that they were praying for her. She felt fortunate to have so many people supporting her in her fight, and she decided to pray for all of those people who were praying for her.  Marge later described how, as she did this, she immediately felt warmed and relaxed, as if she were wrapped in a “warm snuggly blanket.”  When talking about this experience, Marge expressed her wish to help others fighting cancer to feel the warmth and support that she did.  Through the work of BonaResponds and Villa Marie’s Villa Volunteers, Marge’s idea of helping people with cancer has been realized.  The blankets will serve as a constant reminder that the recipients are not alone in their struggles against cancer. Already, blankets have been distributed via Roswell’s Kevin Guest House and to individuals across the US who have cancer.  The efforts of volunteers on September 29th will help further this cause.

In addition to making the blankets there will be multiple collections to expand the reach of those who would like to help.  We will be collecting:

  1. Winter coats for homeless shelters in Western New York (Buffalo primarily).
  2. School supplies (partially used notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators, and small toys) that will be distributed in the US as well as in Haiti.  
  3. Musical instruments and sheet music for a school on Gonaives Haiti.  
  4. Lighter coats and sweaters for the Loaves and Fishes homeless shelter in Harlingen Texas where BonaResponds worked this summer.
  5. New or gently worn shoes for the Soles4Souls program that distributes shoes around the world.  
  6. Writing letters and or Christmas cards for both US military personnel overseas as well as local nursing home residents.
  7. Canned food for local food pantries.
  8. Pet supplies (especially cat litter) for the SPCA.  

For those unable to make it to the day but want to help, physical donations (including home made blankets) can be dropped off at 231 Murphy Hall or at the Allegany Park and Shop.  Additionally monetary donations are gladly accepted by Mail (BonaResponds Box BY St. Bonaventure NY 14778) or on the donation tab at

While BonaResponds is a part of St. Bonaventure University, all of its projects are open to the public and you do not need to have a tie to St. Bonaventure to participate.   This project is especially well-suited for families, classes, church groups, and other schools to be involved.

This service day will be held in the San Damiano Room in Francis Hall on the east side of campus.  There are two shifts: 10:00 to 1:00 and 1:30 to 4:30.  Please sign up at

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