Friday, November 30, 2012

Big weekend for BonaResponds!

It is a big weekend for BonaResponds with events Both Saturday and Sunday locally and in Breezy Point (NYC). 

Locally work will include ramp building and finishing fencing at the SPCA that will allow up to 8 dogs to be outside at once (up from current 3).  Additionally we will be building a ramp for an elderly woman who is no longer able to get out of her house without much assistance.  The ramp will be framed and hopefully completed this weekend.  We will leave from Murphy at 11:00 each day.   Additionally, we'd really love to take supplies today (Friday) so if anyone has a pickup truck and can be free from 2:30-3:30, please let Jim know (jimmahar @ 

Also happening in NYC on both Saturday and Sunday, a BonaResponds group (made up mainly of SBU alumni and friends) will be gutting homes in Breezy Point NY.    (The FDNY has agreed to transport us from Manhattan to Breezy Point for free!)   If you or others you know are interested, please email Rich Miller (Richardmiller1 @ for ride availability and location.  Or if you prefer, you can meet the group at the Gut and Pump HQ tents by the baseball fields near 208th street in Breezy Point.

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