Thursday, June 13, 2013

An unusual appeal to save a is 100% legit and in Olean.

UPDATE:  the surgery was a success!  THE LEG WAS SAVED!  The below was edited at the request of the University.

Hi everyone,

Ok, so I try VERY hard to not ask for money but this one is pretty pressing and a bit unusual.  The other day I got a call from a friend in Olean who had reported a dog to the SPCA (and the owner to the local police).   The dog is named Kimmie and is a 2 year old Shiatsu with a broken leg.  The leg has been broken for about a week. The owner had neglected the dog and now when injured was ready to euthanize it.  (a fate that seems very harsh for a broken leg!).

For a myriad of reasons there was little the SPCA or police could do.  Thus BonaResponds entered into the discussion and the then owner gave us a health care proxy for the dog.  We then took Kimmie to local vet (Haskell Valley) where it was determined that the dog did indeed have a broken leg (a displaced transverse fracture of the femur) and needed surgery. Upon hearing this the owner surrendered all rights to the animal and lobbied to "put it down".  For a broken leg mind you.   
We will not let the dog be killed for a broken leg.  Thus, there are two options but we need your help to pull them off.


1. A surgery to repair the leg. This will cost about $3000-$4000.  (Yes it seems high, but it can only be done by certain vets--we were recommended to take it to Orchard Park).  

2. Amputation.  This can be done in Olean for about $1000.

  First let me say that no matter what we do the dog will be much better off than had we let it continue down the path to euthanasia.  Moreover,dogs can do very well with three legs.  HOWEVER, when asked, the vet said that the leg is likely saveable and only a lack money should result in the dog losing the leg.





IF YOU WANT YOUR MONEY BACK PLEASE CONTACT Jim Mahar with the amount that you want to donate.  (I can be reached at

THANKS everyone.  With your help Kimmie will be a healthy dog for years and years to come!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

S. Tier native helps Moore, Okla., recover - Corning, NY - The Corning Leader

S. Tier native helps Moore, Okla., recover - Corning, NY - The Corning Leader:

"Metcalfe and other members of a volunteer organization associated with the university, known as “BonaResponds,” worked 10-hour plus days, doing various jobs to aid in the recovery. Their efforts included much clearing of fallen trees and debris to make way for rebuilding, as well as building a ramp at the home of a disabled veteran".

WAY TO GO SARAH! (and everyone else too!)