Tuesday, July 09, 2013

John's Wheelchair ramp: Great timing! Great Story! How it ends depends on you.

There are so many jobs.  Too many jobs.  Trying to determine what job to do is often the hardest part of leading BonaResponds.  Doing job A often means we can not do job B.  It is an impossibly difficult choice: NYC or Herkimer?  Haiti or Texas?  Olean or Oklahoma?  A ramp job or a tree job?

So one day last week after dinner I was writing down all the jobs we wanted to get done before leaving NYC.  There were 6-7 jobs.  We were only in the area for two more days.  Clearly something had to give.

But I kept thinking I was forgetting a job.  We get requests in many formats: from our website submisison form, from many different organizations, from friends, by phone, by text, by facebook message, and sometimes by dumb luck.  I remembered a Facebook message, but could not remember the exact job.  So late that night I checked FB and lo and behold found it!  But what was strange was that the address was already on my list-Two groups had each requested we do the same house.

So I took it as a sign we better bump up its priority.  When we get to the house, there already is a ramp, but it is WAY too steep.  John is sitting in a car trying to figure out how he can get in the house.  Here is the video interview with him:

We built him a temporary ramp to allow him in and out of the house, but the story is not done!  We are teaming up with Portlight Strategies, Habitat for Humanity of Westchester County, RespondandRebuild, and others to get him a permanent wheelchair lift that will allow him to a degree of independence that is absent today.  If you want to help (write a grant, make a donation, help install, etc), PLEASE let us know!

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